Alicia-- Yes, I remember this movie and Adam Sandler was DEFINITELY angry and telling somone off! lol
Lisa- his facial expressions do show that he is mad at somthing and yelling
Ugie-I think that he is not angry but uncomfortable with the situation and he is trying to get his point across,more like irritation of something,look at his hands,mouth wide open and where his eyes are looking at .he is a coach i must say so he wants to be in the match and show them how to play,more of let down of players Good call Ugie
~Yes, he is pretty mad here, looks like he is very angry and telling somone how he feels about it - Crystal C

Crystal M - I would agree, he looks very angry! He looks like he is hollering at someone, his face is all squished, and his hands are clenched.
Note his furrowed brow and clenched fist-usually angry
Crystal Cobham

Alicia-- by the way this guy's tie is all un-done and his facial expression, he looks frusterated and stressed out, but this could mean angry too!‚Äč
Lisa- this guy looks frusterated and angry.
Monica - I feel like this guy looks toubled by something and its frusterating him and that is ticking him off.
Ugie- i feel that he is angry,and also dipleased that he cannot get his pont across,more like fustration looking at his nose and eyes especiall his teeth like he wants to fight
Crystal M - I think that this guy looks frustrated the way his teeth are clenched and his eyebrows are raised.
I agree with frustrated -but remember that frustration and anger are very closely realted

angry-person.jpg Alicia
~Oh yea, this guy looks like he is pretty angry at his laptop. - Crystal C.
Lisa - yeah he looks pretty mad
Monica - Ya I would definitely say that this guy is pretty mad, no questions.
Ugie- He is just screaming at the computer,because really i cannot see any facial expressions except an open mouth and a laptop nearby
Crystal M - He looks extremely angry, but I get the impression that he is sports team angry rather than I am going to kill someone angry. I get that impression because he looks like he is hollering and looks like he is really into whatever is on the screen.
I agree with Crystal M-maybe his team just scored a crucial goal and he is really excited-not necessarily angry

Alicia-- this girl looks angry and like she's ordering someone around!
~ this woman if definatly angry and looks like she is pointing to somone to tell them to go and have a time out or somthing - Crystal C
Monica- She is definitely not pleases with somebody, just by the way her nostrils are flaring you can definitely tell she is mad!
Ugie- it feels like she is doing it for the camera looking at the shape of her mouth and her eyes gone in,it may be real but to me looks like an act to be mad at someone
Crystal M - I think she looks angry because her nose is scrunched up, her eye brows are scrunched up and she is pointing a finger.
I agree with Ugie-it looks fake-like she's pretending to be mad

Lisa- I think that this guy looks anoyed at somthing, or maybe he smells somthing gross
Alicia-- I agree, I think this guy has kind of a disgusted look on his face or confused about whats going on where he is looking.
Monica - I am not so sure that I would say this guy is mad, I think that he looks more disgusted about something then anything.
Crystal M - I think this guy has a mixture of disgusted, and anger on his face. He has like a death stare going on by his pursed lips and cold eyes.
Crystal C - i think this guy is mad about somthing. the look in his eyes is saying to stay away because he is about to expload
I agree-he looks disgusted, not necessarily angry

091031002319-large.jpg Crystal M
Ugie-He looks really angry because of his eyes and and his whole facial expressions,he is like saying dont let me catch u !!!

Alicia--yes, this guy looks really mad!
Monica - yes this guy really looks mad you can tell by the way his eyes are and the way his eyebrows are slanted.
Lisa- he looks like he is yelling at someone that did something he looks angry
Crystal C - this man looks angery, his face shows that he is really angery and the pointing finger must mean he is showing his anger to someone
Similar to Adam Sandler-he does look angry