Lisa- this little boy looks happy and excited.
Alicia-- I agree with Lisa, this little boy looks happy and excited for something
~ Yes this boy does look happy - Crystal C
Ugie-he is really a happy kid look at his mouth wide open and his cheeks all up
Crystal M - This little guy looks very happy with his big toothy smile.
Looks happy to me


Alicia-- this girl looks pretty happy!
~this woman looks very happy and possibly just got some very happy news or somthing - Crystal C
Monica - Yes this girl is very happy about something.
Ugie-she is happy because of her wide smile and her eyes(they are smiling too) great pic
Crystal M - This girl looks like she received some super good news or something by her great big smile and her hand on her chest.
Looks happy to me

Crystal Cobham

Alicia-- He definitely looks happy, and maybe like he's up to something and wondering who's watching him? lol
Lisa- I think he does look happy.
Ugie- He looks happy because of his smile
Monica - He is so happy that it actually makes me happy haha!
Crystal M - This boy looks very happy because of the big grin.
Looks happy to me, just like his Mom :-) Too cute
happy_2.jpg Alicia
~ Yes alica I think this man definatly looks like he is happy - Crystal C.
Lisa - I think that this guy looks happy too
Ugie- I think he looks like he smiled just for the camera,his cheeks are up to show happy but his eyes does not really do so
Monica - I would say that this guy looks pretty happy to me.
Crystal M - I think he is happy, he looks relaxed and happy with his smile and his eyes have a calm look to them.
Looks happy to me-satisfied and a bit relieved too


Alicia-- this guy does look very happy!
Lisa- you can tell from this guys eyes that he is happy.
Monica - He is very happy, you can tell by just looking at his eyes.
Crystal M - oh yeah this guy I would classify as happy by his scrunched up eyes and big smile.
Crystal C- this man looks extremly happy, his smile and eyes show that he is in a very good mood
Looks happy to me
n508194523_519713_9799.jpgCrystal M
Ugie -I would say this guy is happy because of his smile , also his eyes and also his thumb,he probably has food in his hand which can make one happy

Alicia-- This guy looks like he just maybe won some food and is really happy about that, you can tell by his grin and the thumbs up.
Monica - A big smile and a thumbs up practically screams happy!
Lisa- this guy is for sure happy, probley happy he has all those donuts!
Crystal C - i would say this guy is happy by the big smile on his face
Looks happy to me. Thumbs up is a definite give away