No one looks indifferent to me on this page...

Crystal Cobham

Ugie- for a little kid i really cant tell what her facial expressions are ,looking at her eyes it looks like she is looking at the person taking the camera,really no expression
Lisa- i think that she looks a little sad, or like she did somthing wrong and feels bad..
Crystal M - Aww this little one looks like she is giving a puppy dog look, her big eyes and little mouth is so cute! Maybe she wants some candy or something.
Alicia-- I agree with Crystal, the puppy dog look, like she wants something.
Monica - She looks like she is pondering something.

Lisa- This girl has no expression, but maybe looks a little anoyed
Ugie-There is no expression in her face,feels like she is saying to us to guess what she is because her cheeks,eyes are all flat
Crystal M - I think this girl has a indifferent expression on, there is no sign of her smiling or being sad, and her eyes are staring straight ahead.
Alicia-- this girl has no expression at all. I don't even think I could guess what she is thinking about.
Crystal C - this woman is showing no expression it looks like she may be deeply thinking about somthing


Alicia-- this girl doesn't have much of an expression, she kind of looks like she is in deep thought.
Ugie-She feels like lets get it over with.but looking at it she really has no expression because her facial expressions are all flat
Monica - I feel that this girl is not really expressing any feeling. However I do feel like she is thinking about something, and is unsure about it.
Crystal C - this woman is showing not much expression but by the look in her eyes it looks like she may be feeling some emotion
Crystal M - I think this girl has kind of a far away look to her, like she is thinking or maybe a little bit upset about something.

Lisa- this girl looks like she has a little bit of a grin.
Monica - To me this girl looks like she is smirking, kinda like she is hiding something or trying to hold a smile in.

Alicia-- I agree, this girl is smirking a bit and has a mysterious look in her eyes.
Crystal C- this girl does look like she has a smile but a face smile
Crystal M- this girl looks like she is trying to hide a smile by the way her face is, I think she is trying not to spoil a surprise or something.

Ugie- He looks like if he is trying to scare someone,because his eyes are all up,which is usually a sign of that
Monica - I am not even sure what to think about this person, its almost like they are saying I dare you to tell me I am wrong..I have no idea.
Lisa- yeah im not sure about this one, the eyes are expressing somthing i just dont know what.
Crystal M - I think this person has a little bit of a sad look on his face because of the eyes and there is not really any expression of the lips.
Crystal C - i this this person has hardly any expression to them. they may be a bit sad or maybe surious but i am not really sure

42-15315527.jpgCrystal M
Ugie- He looks worried to me,because of his eyes but calm about the situation
Alicia-- This guy doesn't really have much of a facial expression, but from his eyes I would say that he does look a little worried to me also.
Monica - I also believe that this fellow is a bit worried about something but I am not really sure he may just be looking at something.
Lisa- I think that this guy look alittle bit sad also worried about somthing.
Crystal C - this man looks like he is thinking really harda bout somethhing