Alicia-- this little girl looks pouty (if thats a word), so she most likely wants something and is sad about it.
Ugie-she looks like she wants something that she isnt getting like Lisa said because of how her lips are together
Crystal M - this girl looks sad because of her lip sticking out and because she is frowning.
Crystal C - this girl is pouting and looks sad because she wants something and doesnt have it
Lisa - I agree with alicia she looks like she is upset because she wants something she isnt getting.
Typical "But Mom..." pout. Not 100% convinced she's sad

Crystal Cobham

Alicia-- Definitely sad and depressed!
Crystal M - She looks very sad, you can tell she has been crying because of the streaked makeup and she looks like she is deep in thought because she is staring ahead.
Lisa- she looks sad, crying for sure.
Ugie-She looks Lost in thoughts and maybe depressed because of her eyes
Monica - I would say that this girl was sad but now she just doesn't know what to think of it.
Yup-she's sad

~ I think this was a great picture to show a sad person. Her facial expression and the tears show that this woman is deffinatly sad - Crystal C.
Lisa- this person looks sad for sure, the facial expression alone shows they are sad even if there were no tear
Ugie- She looks very sad because of the tears running down her eyes and also her red eyes for lots of crying
Monica - This lady is definitely sad, you can see the sadness in her eyes.
Crystal M - This lady I think is sad because of the tear streaked face and her beet red eyes.
Yup-she's sad

~ This woman looks deeply sad, the wrinkling of the eyebrows shows the facial expression - Crystal C
Alicia-- this woman looks really sad, like she just lost someone special.
Ugie- I think that she is really sad because of the fact that she cant even open her eyes and that she has an handkerchief to wipe her tears
Monica - this girl is upset about something and that is for sure.
Cystal M - This woman looks sad because she is not smiling and it looks like she is wiping away tears.'s almost as if she is in pain...


Alicia-- This girl kinda looks like she is thinking, but if thats a tear coming out of her left eye, then she could be sad!
Lisa- She looks like she thinking about somthing sad .

Monica - This girl looks like she is deep in thought, and that she is having a conflict with herself and doesn't know what to do about it and it is upsetting her.
Crystal M - this girl looks like she is upset about something because of the long face and she looks deep in thought.
Crystal C - this woman looks like she is thinking about something really hard. but by the look in her eyes it looks like she is thinking about somthing sad
Yup-she's sad

crb714036.jpg Crystal M
Ugie-He looke sad,his facial expressions just gave him out,his eyes,mouth,like he is looking for his mum and cant find her or someone took his stuff...
Alicia-- He looks sad and like he is about to cry.
Monica - I think somebody just stole his candy. He is pretty upset about something and is on the verge of crying.
Lisa- it looks like somthing told him he isnt aloud somthing, and he is upset about it, sad for sure.
Crystal C- this child looks like he is sad and possibly mad, he looks lilke he may have been just told to go and have a time out or somthing and he does not want to.
Hmmm...hard to tell if he is sad or mad