crystal cobham

Ugie- He looks like he is scared of something because of his eyes but with his mouth i really dont see the fear though
Monica - I would definitely say that this guy is scared of something, just by how big his eyes are!
Lisa- he looks like someone jumped infront of him and scared him, because how big his eyes.
Hmmm-kind of fake??


‚Äč Alicia-- yes, this guy is scared, like he just seen a ghost or something.

Lisa- this guys looks like he is scared and is kinda creepy haha
Ugie-I think that he is been bullied by someone and he is not allowed to scream because of his wide mouth and eyes which are not really signs of fear,more of fear which can be scared also
Crystal M - this poor little fella looks absolutely terrified! His eyes are eyes are super wide and his mouth dropped, he looks like he is frozen with fear.
Crystal C - I this this boy looks like he just seen or heard something that was very scary

~ Although this little girl may be scared, I think think that she looks cold and upset from being wet. - Crystal C.

Lisa- This girls looks that she could be sad, she does also look scared tho..and kids are sad when there scared
Ugie- I think tha she is cold,wet and sad but also scared of what will happen to her looking at her hands,her mouth and her wet her
Monica - I think she looks more upset then anything but maybe she is scared about getting in trouble for being all wet because she wasn't supoose to be out playing in the rain or whatever.
Crystal M - I think this little girl has a mixture of scared and sad on her face. Her eyes look scared/sad and her holding her arms in close could be a sign of her being scared, her mouth looks like she is crying
Poor thing-She looks terrified!!!

Alicia-- this girl could look like she's scared, or just telling someone to stop maybe!
Ugie-I feel that she is not real like she is doing an act of ben scared because her eyes does not show fear but her mouth and hands shows that she is running away from something which she might fear
Monica - I feel that this is a fake scared but none the less scared.
Crystal M - I think is girl is scared looking but more like a face scared than in real life. Her face doesnt have a convincing look on it.
Crystal C- I think this girl looks scared but it looks like a fake scared, she looks like she is acting scared
Hmmm-kind of fake??


Alicia-- yes, this little girl does look scared about what she is watching, or maybe even a little surprised.
Crystal M - I think this little girl has more of a shocker or surprised look on her face, the mouth is open and her eyes are like popping out of her head.
Lisa- she looks a little shocked about somthing, also a little scared.
Monica - She is either surprised or scared or maybe a little of both by what she is watching.
Crystal C- this little girl looks like she is watching somthing on tv that really seems to have shocked her. judgying by her eyes she may have seen something scary
Shocked/surprised more than scared

n121401672_31235778_8472.jpg Crystal M
Ugie- I really cant see his facial expressions but he looks like he is having fun because of his wide mouth and is he going through the car window

Alicia-- I really can't tell if this guy is scared or not. I'm distracted by being able to see up his nose lol, but he looks like he is out the window or something, which would definitely make him scared!
Monica - I am not sure if he is screaming for fear or screaming for excitement, as his eyes look to have more of a sparkle of excitement in
them more so than fear.
Lisa - I cant tell for this one either, but i think it looks like he is in a car crash or somthing so that would be scary
Crystal C - I am not sure if this guy is scared he looks like he is screaming about something so maybe he is scared and trying to get someones attention
Perhaps a bad re-enactment-wouldn't his face be a bit more "scrunched" if he was really scared??