So Class of 2012, before you were accepted into the program, what was your impression of NUCLEAR??? What was your biggest FEAR?

Crystal C - My impression of Nuclear was that I really didnt know very much about it. I had done some reaserch on it and found it to be very interesting, Nuclear is not really a sit down at dinner topic so all i ever really heard about was the Nuc plant in lepreau. My biggest fear about starting to study Nuc was that I was not going to be "smart" enough. I was nervous that I would not be able to do the work... but so far so good :)

Lisa G ‚Äč before I applyed/ was accepted to Nuc Med I really did know much about nuclear other then Point Lepreau and people getting sick from it in all the movies. Now I know that it saves lives and you can do so much with it and its awesome!! And people do think im really smart when I say im in nuclear medicin haha! My Biggest fear is messing up and not being able to remember everything.

Ugie I

Crystal M My impression of the word nuclear was never that it was scary or anything (unless talking about weapons). I did not know much about it, but as far as I was concerned it somehow gave us power, it helped diagnose people, and it was only dangerous in large amounts.I cant say that I have ever had any fears about it, now that im in the program I am a tad nervous about having to give needles.

Alicia M

Monica S - Well I honestly never even heard of Nuclear Medicine until they brought me through the department on a radiography tour and I never stopped talking about it after that. However I didn't know much about it but i knew the nuclear part sounded cool and made me sound smart haha! But like most people when I hear nuclear Point Lepreau. Hmm...My biggest fear was not being accepted into the program and once I was, I was to excited to even think about being afraid!

Tricia-I thought is was fascinating because of its medical applications as all I had ever heard about nuclear was mushroom clouds and Point Lepreau. My biggest fear was that I would mess up an injection ad kill someone